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“To have greater self-awareness or understanding means to have a better grasp of reality”.  Dalai Lama

Do you find that listening to the daily news makes you feel depressed and overwhelmed with all the trouble around the nation, the world and even your own ‘backyard’?  This messes with our self-awareness, our belief in ourselves.

At times in life when we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we blame anyone but ourselves for our misery and try to control others even when it’s against our best interest to do so.  We live in a world that has a culture more in destroying relationships, than preserving them.   

Fear is only as deep as we allow it to be and to prevent fear from getting its tentacles into our brain, we must learn self-awareness.  We can beat fear so don’t let fear into the driver’s seat, throw it in the boot.  Before embarking on our new journey, you must be in control of your emotions, decision making, behaviours and actions.  If you let fear inside the vehicle with you, you’ll never take off the hand brake, you’ll lack the courage to be a safe traveller on the roads and your fear will make you a risk to other drivers around you.  

Do you know someone who’s recovering from a broken relationship, who won’t give up trying to feel good but continues to search for happiness in ways that don’t involve relationships, through alcohol, food or drugs?  These people are without ‘self-awareness’.  The need for self-belief in our capabilities is echoed through this quote,

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do”.

 Henry Ford

So, surprise yourself and give up smoking.

The beliefs and assumptions that we have about ourselves and others, are central to our well-being as they govern our behaviour.  They can be positive or negative.  Our values determine so much in our lives such as our standards, morals, ethics and the principles that guide us daily.

Developing our self-awareness involves a lifetime journey to achieve and it’s the foundation of our personal growth and success. As we learn more about ourselves, we build an impenetrable foothold on which we can stand confidently.  Confidence gives us the courage to build new life experiences, creating new opportunities which expands our knowledge and understanding, ultimately improving our ability to respond to change with the willpower to succeed.   

Our success in life, is related to how well we’re involved in growing relationships with others; in our workplace, homes, raising our kids or in public. Unhappiness can lead us in one of two directions, we can either try to improve our relationships or we give up on finding happiness and developing good relationships.  The second group doesn’t give up on trying to feel good but they search for happiness in other ways that don’t require the complexity of nurturing good relationships; such as abusing drugs, alcohol, violence or unwanted sex.  This group consciously chooses to self-destruct making them toxic to others.   

Usually when people are unhappy, they talk as if they’re fulfilled, but this assumption is wrong, it’s only talk.  They fail to try to find gratification, so it’s much harder to help them.  Whether they like it or not, they must meet happy people to find happiness. We have more success if we seek relationships with positive people. Like-minded people bring out the best in themselves and others, because they want to develop successful relationships.

Tracy xxx

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